2022 Reading Goals

So, the thing is, I am very indecisive and I also struggle with motivation. If left to my own devices, I would just read what my library got and what I would buy from, like, yard sales and the thrift store. Reading challenges help me a lot with being more active about what I read, and with actually reading books I’m interested in, and not just ones that are convenient.

I also find the actual challenge aspect fun. I like finding books that match the prompts.

So, here’s the 2022 Fold Challenge!

I really like these prompts.

I also enjoyed the Nerd Daily Challenge and seeing how many of the books I read could fit into the categories, so I’m going to do it again this year:

Now, the other thing I found really useful last year was this thing I did in September where I did a casual update about my reading goals and I picked a bunch of books from different categories off my goodreads tbr and made an easy list to order library books from.

With pictures!! First, here’s some stuff I wanted to read last year and never did, including the books I have checked out from the library:

Middle Grade options:

YA options:

Adult options:

I don’t have that many, though I do wanna read more adult this year, but we’re starting with these. I also don’t have any non-fiction to list right now.

Remember, this isn’t a strict TBR – it’s just a list to help narrow things down for myself. I also got a new phone for Christmas, and now I have my library app on my phone so I don’t have to log in on my computer to order stuff, and I really like that. And I discovered how to post-date my holds this year. I am thriving.

Maybe I’ll do every 5 months for this. January-May, and June-October, and then the last two months will be my “catch up” months.

Then every year I try to find some kind of backlist challenge, but I’m just going to start calling it my “Read the Fucking Books You Own” challenge because honestly I do this every year and I really don’t need another challenge for this. I just like tracking it.

Also I’m not really talking blogging goals this year. I’m pretty pleased with how things are going and the world is too unpredictable right now, lol. So, we’ll stick with reading goals.

What adult books do you think I’d like? I’m on a quest to read a book that scares me. Have you read anything you think I’d like?

Talk books to me in the comments!!

– Laina


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